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2 foreign trade clerk

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Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, majors in international trade, business English, e-commerce, machinery are preferred;
2. At least 1 year working experience in foreign trade, proficient in using foreign language mail, spoken language and online communication tools to communicate with customers;
3. Strong market analysis and ability to use the network to develop new international customers;
4. Understand the import and export business process, familiar with the various document operation processes in the import and export business is preferred;
5. Love foreign trade, dare to challenge yourself, challenge high salary, be able to endure hardship, and have a team spirit;
6. Possess good communication, coordination and execution capabilities, work hard and conscientiously, respond quickly and sharply, and have a strong sense of responsibility;
7. Working place: Shanghai or Tongxiang.

Description of job

1. Develop potential customers through the Internet, etc.
2. Follow up the enquiry and quickly feedback to potential customers;
3. Take the initiative to contact the negotiation details, sign the contract, confirm the order and collect the payment;
4. Follow up, grasp the order execution status, handle all kinds of export documents, booking and other business;
5. Maintain friendly relations with customers and follow up new demands;
6. Do well in foreign affairs reception.


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