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Business philosophy

BENTEK was born in this Ubiquitous world and began to grow in the ubiquitous era. The creation from the source, the pioneering spirit of continuous improvement is the foundation of BENTEK. Not the first, but the only one. BENTEK believes in the concept of technology to create value and service to contribute to society. With the attitude of pioneers, BENTEK continues to create value technology that conforms to the times. The leader in the field of plastic precision machining of metal materials in the future, BENTELK's original NPF technology and products have been widely recognized by customers, and they have a place in the field of precision punching and forging composite forming of automotive functional parts. At present, BENTEK's original production system is the only one in China. The annual output of the product has reached 10 million pieces. It is used in dozens of passenger cars of Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan. Some products are exported to Europe. Through value analysis, customers are provided with the greatest support and satisfaction.

BENTEK culture
Not the first, but only unique

Constant pioneering spirit

Technology creates value and service contributes to society

Technical strength
Exclusive original NPF technology and products